Jaunt in Chiba in Fall (2/2)

Today I got up at 7:30AM. I forgot to close the window so I was forced to fight with mosquitos in the late night, but an insect repellent spray was provided so it wasn't a big deal.

In the morning, after I went to the lighthouse, Nojimazaki-lighthouse, which I tried to visit yesterday, and luckily it was open and I could see the excellent view. Also this is the southernmost point of Boso, so there was a monument and a bench for looking at the broad sea.

I visited Inubosaki, the easternmost point of Chiba before (it's also really interesting to visit, and it's easier to reach), but it shares an interesting point: when you look at the direction of the land, you can see two sides of the sea reaching and almost separating between where you are and the land you're looking at. Hard to explain, but you might understand by seeing this picture.

Other than the seaside resort area, Shirahama is just a rural town. Especially in the mountains (again, mountains in Chiba are not high…

Jaunt in Chiba in Fall (1/2)

October 9th is Sports Day, one of the national holidays of Japan. I have also a remaining paid day off from my intern company, so I decided to travel around Boso peninsula in Chiba, with very cheap train and bus free-pass, 4700 yen for two days.

Introduction: Where is Chiba? Chiba prefecture is in the Greater Tokyo area. It is located to the east of Tokyo, populated more than 6 millions. The prefecture has a big peninsula, called Boso, so it is surrounded by sea and it doesn't have high mountains unlike other Greater Tokyo prefectures (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Yamanashi the highest). Chiba-city, the biggest city of the prefecture is 40 minutes from Tokyo by train, but the peninsula is a little big and it takes more than 4 hours to move around it by local trains.
If you have been to Tokyo once, perhaps you came to Tokyo from Narita airport. Narita is in Chiba, but it's far north to the Boso area. You might have visited Tokyo Disneyland or Disney Sea, where is also in Chiba…

Visiting Tehran, Iran with high school programmers (2/2)

August 1st, 2017 Competition Day 2. Honestly at this time, I was completely exhausted from the beginning of the day. Future host countries should take stamina of participants into consideration. However, I was happy to see the best result of Japanese team in their International Olympiad in Informatics history.

After the contest and lunch (it was around 4PM), we headed to the National Botanical Garden of Iran. As an agriculture student, I couldn't help but get amuzed. They have plants native in Iran, some Western Asian and European plants (that I'd never seen before), and so-called "Chinese and Japanese garden" that I admit was Eastern Asian flora.

This is my favorite; not only the seeds (?) but also the form of the branches looks like an exemplary legume.

Nice garden design. You can see 2 different parts of the Earth from another part of that.

Chinese and Japanese garden. I think those rocks are too smooth for the rain-falling regions.

When you look at the downside,…